Please find some links below that go to sites promoting veganism and animal rights.

I'm a late blossoming vegetarian, and at this point still a vegan-want-to-be.  Since we're feeding several fuzzy little carnivores, I would find it disingenuous to ever label myself vegan.

Transitioning away from old food habits is worth it.  I miss cheese pizza and M & M'S like crazy, but perpetuating business models that harm animals is crazier.  


Given the food alternatives, jaw dropping death statistics, and undercover surveillance video out there, I'd call what we humans continue to do to pigs, cows, and all the other creatures of this planet well within spitting distance of evil.

We can change.  We must.

Mercy For Animals

Toronto Pig Save

Bite Size Vegan

The Animal Kill Counter (ADAPTT)

Best Video You Will Ever See (Facebook)

"Why I'm Vegan" - Dan Piraro

Animal Charity Evaluators

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