When she was 11, Lucy McCall’s life changed forever. Her mother died, and her older sister Maddy fled their tiny hometown in pursuit of Hollywood stardom.
     Five years later, Lucy’s life is about to change again.
Dream turned reality, Maddy’s returning to rural Eaton, Washington to premiere her newest romantic comedy, the aptly titled Small Town Girl.
     Not only is Maddy a movie star, but she also married the biggest movie star in the world – action hero Jack Ford. The Hollywood power couple claims membership in the Church of Lucentology – a controversial religion 
as well known for a roster of big names as for the whispers of human rubble left in its wake.
     Lucy’s father, Senate, is no fan of Lucentology, or the stranger he believes Maddy has become under the poisonous influence of the Church, and its unsettling leader, Horace Walton. Senate hasn’t forgotten the promise he made his late wife: he’d always protect their girls, no matter what it took.
     An intimidating personal security detail accompanies the Hollywood visitors, helping mitigate the crush of press and enamored public descended not only upon the tiny farming community but camping literally across the street from the McCall’s front door. All of this is more than enough to throw Lucy’s life into turmoil, but then the unthinkable occurs during the post-premiere party. Explosions rock the posh country club and in all the mayhem…a kidnapping occurs. 

     While the Hollywood visitors begin an intensive, secretive, and increasingly frantic search for one of their own, Lucy begins piecing together what happened in the days leading up to the attack, and soon realizes she might be her sister’s best and only hope of being saved.

PREVIEW: Chapter One


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