The Colonists (forthcoming)

     A downturned economy lands former Management Analyst Stan Kenmore at the Cowgirls Coffee stand and a low paying wage as a “coffee cop”, protecting bikini baristas from the likes of rabid street preachers, drug dealers, and misogynistic podcasters. 

     Stan’s unemployed pal Norville joins him in the barista protecting enterprise, but despite Stan’s pleading, Norville quickly threatens the trickle of an income stream by falling head over heels for Salli, a pretty, but emotionally fragile coffee slinger.

     Still seeking a route back to the good life, Stan’s participation in a unemployment support group thrusts him into the orbit of Irene, a part-time Sarah Palin impersonator, and his long ago best friend, Daryl, whose own bad luck in the job market has frayed his sanity to a dangerously thin state. 

     An investigation into a series of vandalism attacks on Cowgirls Coffee is further complicated by Stan's own unchecked infatuation with Salli.  Events hit the boiling point when Daryl kidnaps a banker and holds him hostage at the coffee stand, and Stan discovers himself face to face with the fallout of an economy that favors only a select few. 

     The Colonists is a black comedy exploring a snapshot in time: the sometimes bloody and almost always peculiar limbo of the 21st century under- and unemployed. 

© 2016 by Brian Stillman. Proudly Created with


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